For over 30 years, Acuity Advisors have been driven by a single goal: to help middle-market business owners understand and monetize the value of what they have built. By developing and executing the strategies to make this happen, we ensure that owners preserve their legacy and vision to be enjoyed by future generations of owners. 

We lead our clients through the journey of ownership transition by identifying, understanding, and managing the many complexities that arise along the way. Acuity Advisors guidance helps get our clients to the right result, efficiently and effectively, while minimizing the disruption and anxiety that inevitably arises as part of the process. 

Acuity Advisors

Developing a strategy that fits the overall needs of the Company, the owner, and other stakeholders, requires, along with years of experience, a special type of vision or clarity of thought. It requires the ability to look inside a company and see not just the monetary value of the tangible and intangible assets, but to understand the best path forward to ensure that the people who helped get you here are well-positioned to carry your vision into the future.